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Lessons Learned from My Ancestors
Picture Past Mom

Recently my son had a project in school where they were to investigate their family heritage and report it back to the class. Having been designated the family keeper of the records after my grandmother passed on; I was his “go to man”. And boy oh boy did I go to town!!! For many generations, my grandmother’s side has kept an ...Read More

The Debut of the 2017 Toyota 86 in North America
2017 Alloy Toyota 86

This is the one people have been waiting for…the Toyota 86! Ever since the FT-86 concept debuted in the Tokyo Autoshow in 2009, there has been an excitement regarding the Toyota fun sports car that was to come. In most of the world, it was introduced as the Toyota GT-86, which was then shortened to the Toyota 86. Read More

How to be a Better Salesperson by Being "Childish"
Power sales kids

Before you get to thinking I’m off my rocker suggesting you act like a 2 year old, screaming and having a temper tantrum in front of your customers in order to improve your sales, hear me out. First off, that is not the kind of behaviour I was thinking of. Not only would that get you lots of ...Read More