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Effect of Technology on our Intelligence
Technology Overload

There is some concern that the technology in general, and in vehicles in particular is having an effect on our intelligence. Reports of Pokemon Go related injuries and deaths can testify to that fact. Having worked in the Auto Industry for a little while and having owned cars for a long time, I am seeing technology in cars becoming ...Read More

Prius Prime Coming Soon to Canada
Prius Prime Logo Badge

The official Canadian release date for the Toyota Prius Prime has not been announced but it will be coming soon to Canada as a 2017 model. The Prius Prime was teased at consumers and then revealed in the New York Autoshow on March 23rd. All that was revealed in the teaser was this: Toyota Reveals Stand-Out Style, ...Read More

AJAC EcoRun June 1st to 3rd
AJAC EcoRun logo

The Automotive Journalists Association of Canada’s (AJAC) annual EcoRun is now on. This event was designed to show off a variety of eco-friendly vehicles, including pure electrics, plug-in and conventional hybrids, hydrogen fuel cells, diesel-fuelled and highly-efficient gasoline options. The tour is from Toronto, through Belleville and ...Read More