2016 Toyota Tundra Highway Thru Hell TV Show

“Abandon hope, all ye who enter here” is a famous phrase – it was written over the entryway to Hell in Dante’s “Inferno.” It has a heavy meaning in the book, but is often used in a more funny way in modern times, to jokingly warn people to look out for what’s inside.

There’s nothing funny about Hope, British Columbia, Canada, when the weather can get frigid and the traffic gets dicey when the roads get icy. Take a drive on the highway during snowfall in February and you just might want to abandon Hope, too. It’s in this climate that Jamie Davis runs his towing company, giving stopped and damaged cars a lift. He and others like Colin McLean and Jason Davis run wreckers up and down the roads, but the Toyota Tundra is the real star of Discovery TV series “Highway Thru Hell.”

Simply put, thanks to the advantages the Toyota Tundra shows regularly on “Highway Thru Hell,” Jamie and friends are not abandoning Hope.

Heavenly Features, Hellish Conditions

“Highway Thru Hell” shows the exploits of towers and wreckers in and around the roads of Hope, and Jamie uses his Toyota Tundra to great benefit as he clears sidelined cars off the road.

Here’s a few quick specs of the mighty 2016 Toyota Tundra:

Up to 381 horsepower and 401 lb.-ft. of torque
Maximum towing capacity of 4,760 kg. (10,500 lb.)
Here’s a few cool things the Toyota Tundra has done on the show so far:

Acted as a shield in icy conditions. As Jamie tends to a car roadside, a transport truck plows into the Tundra, which absorbs the impact and prevents the semi from running into any people or other vehicles.
Towed an 18-wheeler uphill that was on its side in snowy, swampy weather.
Helped Davis quickly get to a distressed owl on a roadway so he could rescue the orphaned animal.
These examples show how capable the Tundra is – not only does it have nice handling for a vehicle its size, but it can be used to do whatever is needed when the going gets tough. Hey, you can even begin your own towing company with one. When you’re hauling thousands of pounds of steel, who could ask for more than that?

“Highway Thru Hell” airs Tuesdays on Discovery, 10 p.m. ET.

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