2024 Toyota Tacoma parked off-road

Since 1995, dusty roads, campsites, Home Depot parking lots, and driveways have all had something in common, they’ve been perfect resting stops for Toyota Tacoma pickup trucks. The legend of Tacoma began with a simple plan, to continue Toyota’s long-heralded legacy of reliability in the North American truck segment. Pre-dating the Full-Size Tundra, the Tacoma began a journey of carving out one of the most loyal followings in North American auto sales.

The premise of the Tacoma has always reflected the goals of Toyota Motor Corporation as a whole. To build quality, reliable, and safe vehicles that outperform expectations, for all. For nearly 30 years the Tacoma has been a leader in this vision, its performance history is the stuff of truck legend, and its following alone is a testament to its build quality, and overall performance.

Fast-forward 28 years and hear we are on the cusp of the latest iteration of the Toyota Tacoma. Foreshadowed as Toyota’s best Tacoma yet, the 2024 Tacoma has no plans to simply maintain it’s current market success, rather, it plans to raise the bar yet again and change the way that buyers see the Midsize Truck segment.

The all-new Tacoma takes a page out of the market for which it will represent by prioritizing the new needs of customers, while also maintaining all the expectations that have made the Tacoma a legend thus far. For 2024, the Tacoma adds many creature comforts that have been sought after by customers in recent memory. Comforts like wireless phone charging and upgraded sounds systems are all being made available for 2024. Upgrades in digital screens are also being added as the Tacoma will come standard with an 8 Inch touch screen, while a monstrous 14 Inch screen will be made available in higher trims. Toyota goes so far as to even offer the new Digital Key option on certain trim levels, meaning that even the most hardcore Tacoma buyer could potentially open and start their Taco with their phone. Not to mention, the whole host of Toyota Connected Services will be available as well.

But the reality is that most Tacoma buyers aren’t fooled by flashy gadgets, nor are they impressed by the distance from which they can remote start their truck, no the reality is Tacoma buyers care about the nitty gritty of their Truck. They want to know what it is capable of. To what lengths can I go with this iteration of the Taco, because surely, its predecessors have gone quite a way.

2024 Toyota Tacoma wheel close-up

Well to be frank the 4th Generation promises a lot. Let’s start under the hood. With Tacoma’s new year, new me spirit we see Toyota introduce an all-new engine. Sporting a 2.4L 4-cylinder Turbocharged engine, gone are the days of the 3.5L V6 that Tacoma lovers have come to love and hate. This new iteration powers the Tacoma to an impressive 278 Horsepower and 317 Foot Pounds of torque. That’s the same horsepower with an additional 52 Foot Pounds of torque in a “smaller” engine. But I promise you, there’s no small potatoes where Tacoma is concerned, as this engine will also be available with additional hybrid power later in the year, bring what Toyota promises a whopping 326 Horsepower and 465 Foot Pounds of torque. Yes, you read that correctly, a midsize truck will be able to output almost 500lbs of torque. When I said that Toyota was raising the bar, I should have said they were launching it.

Both power houses will be matched with new transmissions, as the 2.4L non-hybrid gets an 8 Speed Auto or 6 Speed Manual Transmission (on TRD Offroad or TRD Sport + packages only), and the Hybrid Max gets exclusively an 8 Speed Automatic. The arrival of the 8 Speed has been an answered prayer to many Tacoma owners hoping for relief from Tacoma’s former bulletproof but tired 6 Speed Automatic. With this new 8 speed arrival Toyota is delivering more power, with greater efficiency, meaning buyers will continue to receive all the performance and more from their Trucks, with greater effectiveness as well.

The new Toyota TNGA-F platform will also mean that buyers won’t only benefit from motive performance upgrades, but stability and longevity ones as well. This new frame promises better quality, and strength for not only the Tacoma, but also the Tundra, Sequoia, and upcoming Land Cruiser. Upgrading the power train and frame would be enough of a change to satisfy many current owners and maybe even attract new buyers as well. But Toyota wasn’t satisfied with meeting expectations, as I’ve mentioned before, it’s all about exceeding. Toyota has also stepped up the ride quality of the new Tacoma in its suspension system. For 2024, (in Canada) the Tacoma is now offered with Coil Spring Suspension all around. Furthermore, on TRD Offroad and TRD Offroad Premium, Bilstein Shock Absorbers are also available.

Are you able to see the picture that Toyota has painted here? Let’s put it altogether. Take an all-new 2.4L 4-Cylinder Turbocharged engine (with soon-to-be available Hybrid power), add an all-new 8 Speed Automatic transmission, build it on the best frame Toyota has produced in its history, and stabilize it with a truck-crafted suspension. Now sprinkle it with the latest Toyota technological advancements and what are you left with?

Simple. A midsize truck with oversized excitement. In other words, a legend, reimagined.