Now even if you aren’t necessarily the type of driver who would roll down all of the windows and blast One Direction, that doesn’t mean you don’t follow pop culture. The likelihood of you at...Read More

Brampton area free community outreach programs We love the Brampton community because without all of you, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do everyday, which is be a part of the automotive indu...Read More

Toyota racing fans are the best, and not only because they are some of the most loyal, enthusiastic fans in the world, but also because they know exactly what the company is and what we stand for....Read More

If you’ve ever wondered if the great crossover/SUV bubble is going to burst, you’ll be waiting for a while. At the annual IAA Frankfurt Motor Show, Toyota unveiled a futuristic cross...Read More

The Toyota Mirai vehicle is quite exceptional, if you haven’t heard about yet, and it is already taking the automotive industry by storm as Toyota Motor Company is already increasing the product...Read More

Of the latest vehicles recently revealed by Toyota during auto show season, the Toyota i-Road has taken things to a, well, shall we say, tipping point? Drivers took note of the 3-wheeled vehicle a...Read More

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