How to change a taillight in a Toyota Camry

Change the tail light in your Toyota Camry in 5 easy steps

How to change a taillight in a Toyota Camry

It is easy to understand why so many burnt-out taillights go unnoticed and unchanged: they don’t affect your sight! However, when you have a burnt-out taillight, it affects other people seeing you! This can be extremely problematic when driving at night because when you brake or are traveling on a road with very few lights, it may be difficult for others to see you when driving behind you!

If you do notice your taillight is out, thankfully it is a quick and easy fix! Toyota vehicles are made to be easy to figure out for any driver, which is why learning how to change a taillight in a Toyota Camry is a task that can be completed in 5 easy steps:

Step 1

Figure out if it is the fuse or the light that needs replacing

Typically, if both of your tail lights go out at the same time, it is your fuse that needs replacing. Use your owner’s manual to figure out where the fuse is located and if the piece of metal inside the taillight fuse is intact, it is still good but if the metal looks broken, the fuse is blown and will need to be replaced.

Step 2

Get the right size light/fuse

Any auto shop, and many department stores, carry automotive parts such as taillights for a Toyota Camry in Brampton ON will carry standard tail lights for your vehicle. There is usually a guide to figure out what size or kind of light to get.

Step 3

Take off the taillight covers

Usually this can be easily done with a screwdriver, but if there aren’t any screws, you may need to go in through the trunk to access the lights. When you take off the covers or access the lights, it is time to change the bulb.

If it is the fuse that was the issue, simply replace the fuse and try to turn your lights on again.

Step 4

Replace the bulb

The bulbs can be unscrewed and replaced like any other light bulb. They are still delicate, so make sure to be careful when screwing in the new bulb.

Step 5

Put everything back together

After you replaced the bulb, it is time to put everything back together the same way you took it apart and test out your handiwork!