Child Seat Safety

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Our Car Seat Safety Team at St. John Ambulance is made up of trained and certified volunteers. Our volunteers educate and coach expecting parents, parents, grandparents and other childcare providers, in the use of child restraint systems. Our goal is to help children travel safety all the time, by ensuring the restraint is properly installed and used correctly every time the child travels in the vehicle.

According to Transport Canada, four out of five children are not properly secured in motor vehicles. Transport Canada estimates that over 70 percent of children’s deaths and injuries due to motor vehicles collisions could have been prevented if children were properly restrained. Here is a link to the common installation errors:

How to Book an Appointment:

The inspections clinics are by appointment only, unless otherwise specified. We believe it is important that parents understand how to install and make adjustments to the car seats each time they use the seat. Therefore, we no longer install seats but focus more on education and parental support. In order to book an appointment for an upcoming clinic, please advise your customers to contact the office at 905-568-1905, or register online: (please select the Wednesday appointment).