Daashboard Warning Symbols

As the automotive industry becomes more sophisticated, cars have started to make a shift towards being more and more computerized. There are a wide range of sensors in cars now days that monitor performance and consistently check for problems. The way that they communicate this to the driver is through dashboard indicators. There are two colors to keep in mind: The orange light means that the problem should be checked at the earliest convenience and the red light means that the problem should be checked immediately. Either way indicator lights are lights that no one should be ignoring.

Let’s review a few dashboard indicator lights.

Engine Warning or Malfunction Light: This usually means that there is a problem related to the engine or the emissions control system. You should get your car checked out as soon as you can. If you are driving when this light comes on, do not panic. You can continue to drive if you have to without hard acceleration.

Anti-Lock Braking System Light (ABS): This is a system that allows the wheels on the vehicle to maintain constant contact with the road surfaces while the driver is braking. This prevents the wheels from locking up and avoids skidding. The ABS is generally known to improve vehicle control. If this light comes on, you will still have normal braking ability with the anti-lock function.

Battery and Charging Light: When this light comes on, it means that the car battery is not being charged. In some cases, this may be a faulty alternator, and in other cases it may be that the battery has come to the end of its working life. In other cases, the battery may just need to be cleaned. In any case, you should have your battery looked at and the issue identified as soon as possible.

Parking Brake Indicator: If this light comes on while you are driving, there is most likely a problem with your braking system. You must see a technician as soon as possible. In all other cases, this light will remain on until you have released the parking brake.

Low Oil Pressure Light: This light indicates low oil levels. If this light comes on, you must check the oil levels immediately. If you continue to drive with inadequate oil levels, you may cause serious damage to the vehicles engine.

These are just a few of the many indicators that may show up on your dashboard. If you come across an indicator light that you are unsure of, be sure to contact our service department. These lights are not to be ignored.