Genuine Toyota Parts: Part 1

Show genuine love for your Toyota by taking care of it with Genuine Toyota Parts. The following are breakdowns of specific parts and their functions.

A/C Compressors:

An ineffective air conditioning system could be caused by a leak or old refrigerant, but it could also mean that your A/C compressor requires replacement. Keep your cool with a new Genuine Toyota A/C compressor. Like all Genuine Toyota Parts, they’re designed for an exact fit and are built to Toyota’s quality standards.

Air and Cabin Filters

Engine Air Filters
You like to breathe fresh air. So does your Toyota. Genuine Toyota air filters are engineered specifically for your vehicle to help trap airborne contaminants before they reach your engine, preventing premature wear to internal components. Plus, a clean air filter improves engine performance and fuel economy–benefits we can all appreciate.

• Triple layer filtering gives Genuine Toyota air filters their superior ability to trap and retain dirt, dust and other airborne contaminants.
• Polyurethane resin frames ensure a proper fit that will seal out dirt and reduce noise.

We recommend replacing your engine air filter every 30,000 miles or 36 months under normal driving conditions. If you frequently drive in a dusty environment, we recommend inspecting the filter every 15,000 miles or 18 months.

Cabin Air Filters
Toyota cabin air filters do a remarkable job of helping to keep undesirables like diesel soot, dust and pollen out of the passenger compartment, promoting a healthier, more comfortable environment for you and your passengers. But if you’ve noticed reduced airflow from the heater vents, or if the windows fog up easily in “FRESH” mode, replacement is likely necessary.

Bear in mind that, if you drive in dirty/dusty conditions, cabin air filter replacement may be required more often. When in doubt, check your vehicle’s Scheduled Maintenance Guide or consult your local Toyota dealer.

Appearance Fluids

Better living through chemistry. Toyota offers a complete line of products designed to help keep your Toyota looking and running like new–from fabric spot remover and touch up paint to antifreeze and more. And, because all of these products have been formulated specifically for use with Toyota vehicles, you can be confident that you’re giving your pride and joy the best care possible.

Toyota Bug and Tar Remover
Use Toyota Bug and Tar Remover for those smeary, stubborn, sticky messes. Effectively dissolves road grime, tar, bugs and asphalt.

Toyota Cleaner and Polish
A specially formulated combination of silicones and waxes that contain mild abrasives designed to remove oxidized paint and small scratches.

Toyota Fabric Spot Remover
A powerful combination of solvents and surfactants to help remove difficult stains from upholstery and carpet like crayon, oil, grease, lipstick, chocolate, shoe polish and ink.

Toyota Glass Cleaner
Contains a tour de force of cleaning agents like alcohol, glycol, ether surfactants and ammonia for a difference you can see. Literally.

Toyota Liquid Car Wash
A powerful, yet gentle combination of detergents, surfactants and emulsifiers that effectively dissolve dirt and grime while protecting the wax layer.

Toyota Touch-Up Paint
A premium, air-dry acrylic paint that comes in a convenient applicator for touch-ups in a snap.
Visit your local Toyota Dealer to find the right Toyota Touch-Up Paint applicator for your vehicle.

Toyota Vinyl and Leather Protectant
A silicone emulsion-based formula to help protect against UV rays that cause heat damage, cracking and peeling.

Windshield Wiper Fluid Concentrate
This economical solution effectively removes bugs, dirt and other road grime without smearing.

Tire Shine
This colorless and odorless spray quickly returns dirty, oxidized tires to a like-new luster without streaking or spotting, rubbing or scrubbing.

Wheel Cleaner
A water-based detergent that works on both petroleum and non-petroleum-based soils. Powerful surfactants clean wheels without damaging plastic or rubber.


If your vehicle is hard to start and/or has dim headlights when the engine is turned off, your battery is getting weak and should be replaced with a new TrueStart™ or True2™ battery. Manufactured to Toyota’s exacting standards for quality and performance, these batteries offer the right combination of cold cranking amps (CCA) and reserve capacity (RC) for reliable performance regardless of climate.

Believe it or not, a higher CCA rating isn’t necessarily a good thing, because it negatively affects RC, or the ability of your battery to hold a charge. TrueStart™ and True2™ batteries have been approved by Toyota engineers for years of trouble-free service–and no one knows your Toyota better than they do.


Your brakes are one of the most important parts of your car–so why take chances on re-built or inferior brake products? Only Genuine Toyota brake components are designed specifically for your car, and built to the same high standards as your original parts. From brake pads to calipers, rotors, drums and shoes, Genuine Toyota brake components help provide maximum safety and durability.


If your Toyota’s exhaust is becoming a little too assertive, it could be time for a new muffler. Genuine Toyota mufflers are built with the quality materials and workmanship you expect from Toyota, with welded one-piece unitized construction for durability and a precise fit. Plus, Toyota mufflers and exhaust pipes are covered by Toyota’s Parts and Labor Lifetime Guarantee when installed at a Toyota dealership.

Aftermarket (non-Toyota) mufflers and service can vary significantly in terms of product configuration, materials, workmanship, warranty coverage and price. When you shop and compare, you’ll find Genuine Toyota mufflers are the best value.

Oil Filters

Genuine Toyota oil filters help protect your engine against dirt and other contaminants that can cause internal wear, while allowing adequate flow to internal engine components. These oil filters incorporate safety features like a bypass valve to help prevent restricted oil flow in the event of a clogged filter, and an anti-drainback valve, which prevents oil from draining from the engine into the oil pan during cold starts. Remember, not all oil filters meet Toyota’s stringent specifications. A non-Toyota filter element may not work as effectively and could even clog, causing costly engine damage. To protect your engine (and your pocketbook) always specify a Genuine Toyota oil filter.