Hours and Location

Check out the convenient hours at our Mississauga area Toyota dealership. We pride ourselves on putting our customers first and we know that you need the time to manage your schedule. That’s why we provide hours that are flexible and offer times that are maximized for the busy person on the go.

Where would we be if we weren’t open when you were available to come in to get your car serviced? We offer service hours with the same mindset as our sales hours. We know you deserve service at all times of the day and we’re here for you when you need us. Brampton Toyota drivers can enjoy the day while we get to work on restoring the vehicle at hand.

We Offer Services Like No Other At Times Convenient for You

Visit our Toyota dealer near Toronto for more information on what we can provide for you and your vehicle. We will be waiting with a smile on our face and a helping hand ready to serve. No one should have to suffer through the feeling of arriving to a place with closed doors. We keep the doors open for times when you need us the most and we are ready to get to work. Call 1-289-910-0510 to find out more about our flexible hours.