Using Multi-Terrain Select & Driving Modes–60 Second Tech How Blog Post

For select Toyota models equipped with All Wheel Drive, an MTS system may be found. MTS, refers to Toyota’s Multi-Terrain Select system. This programming equips drivers with the ability to fine tune their AWD system to better meet the challenges in front of them.

Most Toyota MTS systems offer three main terrains to choose from, they are: snow, Rock & Dirt, and Mud & Sand. Selecting any one of these programs will send information to the computer of your Toyota instructing it to modify the calculations for power displacement to each wheel. For example, when operating in snowy conditions, the driver may select the snow setting and this will tell the computer to adjust power to each wheel to better meet slippery conditions.

Even more Toyotas (even FWD models) are equipped with Driving Modes. And just as the MTS system allows the driver to send information to the computer, so do driving modes. However, the information is a little different. Each Toyota with Driving Modes have three options: Eco, Normal, and Sport.

The Eco mode instructs the computer to optimize the power and transmission of your Toyota to operate in the most efficient manner possible given current conditions. The focus here is efficiency and fuel economy. The Sport mode throws all that fuel economy to the wind and uses the efficiency to displace as much power as readily available given the current conditions. And finally Normal mode blends the two of these options, giving the driver more power than Eco mode, but more fuel efficiency than Sport mode.

All in all, Toyota has made driver experience a paramount importance. For generations Canadians have trusted Toyota to be safe, reliable and long lasting. Now they are also able to add exhilarating, exciting and fun to those characteristics as well.

For a visual representation of the MTS and Driving Modes, check out this 60 Second Clip below.