POWER TAILGATE KICK SENSOR– 60 Second Tech How Blog Post

You’re a mother, or a father, or potentially a roadie finishing the last stop on your Southern Ontario Folk Festivals Summer Tour. The point is your arms are full. How would you be able to take advantage of this situation, and still load your car?

Simple, buy a Toyota. Even simpler, buy a Toyota equipped with our Power Tailgate Kick Sensor. A number of our 2024 Models are now equipped with a Tailgate that not only is powered, but also can be triggered (not that kind) by a simple swipe of the foot. This enables, parents and roadies a like to open their tailgate without even using their hands.

How does it work? Easy enough, all you will need to do is ensure your key fob is in your pocket or bag, walk up to your tailgate and swipe your foot below the bumper. BAM! You’ll hear some chimes and all of a sudden, your tailgate will rise like a Phoenix from the ashes. Now, you may ask “what if I must close my tailgate”. Shudder no more, as you may simply repeat the step, step aside and watch as the gate will close before your very eyes.

For a visual representation of how to use the Power Tailgate Kick Sensor, check out this 60 Second Clip below.