Every parent, literally every single one, hopes their child will one day grow up to be smart. Nobody, I mean nobody longs for their child to run amuck and grow up to be silly, funny…perhaps, entertaining…cool beans, but silly? Nope.

For Toyota’s equipped with a key fob, car parents can rejoice for their car is equipped with the Smart Key Intelligent Access. That’s TWO smart words in one breath! The Smart Key system offers many advantages over the former typical shank (ouch!) key set up. For one, car parents will no longer need to remove the key from their pocket to unlock, lock, or even start their car. Each action can be completed from their pocket. Simply, by touching the door handle the car can be opened or closed.

The second advantage is the power tailgate (if equipped) can also be opened by pressing the button found on the fob. Now driver’s can rest easy, knowing that they don’t have to remove their keys from the safety of their person, and risk losing them, not to mention the system is also pretty cool to begin with. There’s something interesting about simply walking up and pulling on the handle and your door opening with no other actions.

For a visual representation of how to use the Smart Key Intelligent Access System, check out this 60 Second Clip below.