Maintaining Your Vehicle in the Winter

As beautiful as winter is, winter driving can get challenging. Weather conditions can be fluctuating, and we want to ensure that you are well prepared for the unpredictable winter roads. For many consumers, a car is their second biggest investment, but some only pay attention to it when something goes wrong. Not following proper maintenance procedures or ignoring warning signs is fairly common. However, we here at Attrell Toyota believe in educating our customers to save them money in the long run. Regular maintenance throughout the year may just end up saving you one big bill if something drastically goes wrong.

Here are the 4 most common car maintenance moves that consumers put off:

1) Not checking or changing the car’s oil

  • This is a most common maintenance issue. You should look at the oil as your vehicle engines lifeblood. If you don’t change the oil when your vehicle is due, the engine doesn’t get the lubrication it needs.
  • Ask your service advisor how to keep track of when you are due for an oil change.

2) Not changing the air filter

  • Similar to humans, your car’s engine must breathe. The purpose of the air filter is to filter the incoming air. Dirty air can reduce engine efficiency and cause damage.
  • A clean air filter has many benefits: improved gas mileage, better acceleration, increased engine life, lower emissions and overall improved engine performance.

3) Brake service

  • When the brake pads get low, the metal rubs on the motor and if your car is squealing, it’s crying for new disc-brake pads.
  • Here at Attrell Toyota, we recommend that you get your brakes checked every 32,000 kms however, with these weather conditions your brakes may give you premature problems. With all the moisture, salt and snow on the roads, brake pads get warm and they stick to the calipers. This causes the movement to be less smooth which results in rust and grime build up. Once all this happens brakes begin to give problems.

4) Worn out shocks

  • Does your vehicle bounce excessively when driving on rough roads or after going over a bump? Does the body of the vehicle sway when turning? These are signs that your shocks and struts are aging and may need to be replaced.
  • Why replace them? Worn out shocks may put additional force on suspension elements leading to premature wear. They improve the overall ride quality and ride control.

Whether your car is brand new or used, car maintenance is your responsibility! Neglecting to spend around $50 on an oil change could end up costing you a lot more. Your best source for information is your car manual. Many ignore the owner’s manual, but it holds key information that can help you save time and money.

Attrell Toyota holds an interactive car care workshop where our master technician and top salesman educate customers about maintenance of their vehicles. This happens once a month from January-November.

If you would like to register for this workshop, email us at:

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