MEMORY SEATS –60 Second Tech How Blog Post

Maybe it was your first ice cream, first sunset, or first hockey game, every one of us enjoys wonderful memories. Times that when we close our eyes we can look back and almost taste or smell the very moment. Such moments are etched in our brains like carvings on a gravestone.

But this blog isn’t about THOSE memories, it’s about Memory Seats! Yes! Even your comfy Softex enriched seats can have memories too…kind of. While they may not be able to reminisce on when they had hair or look back on a beautiful moment, they are able to remember your favorite position, and in all honesty that’s probably for the best.

Many Toyota models are equipped with Memory Seats and are often equipped with three buttons on the driver’s door panel. These buttons are used to set two different seat preferences for the driver’s seat. Once set up the driver will be able to pick between each setting, meaning that if one spouse is 6 foot 9 and the other 4 foot 9, they can each enjoy preset seating arrangements that don’t have to be changed manually every time they drive.

Furthermore, Toyota also offers the ability to pair these settings to your key fob, meaning when our 6-foot 9 driver unlocks the car with her keyfob the seat will automatically shift into her desired driving position.

For a visual representation of how to use your Memory Seats, and to pair them to your key, check out this 60 Second Clip below.