New One Direction Toyota Vios commercial without Zayn

Now even if you aren’t necessarily the type of driver who would roll down all of the windows and blast One Direction, that doesn’t mean you don’t follow pop culture. The likelihood of you at least knowing the name One Direction is high and because these guys can’t use the restroom without it being news! The band has been in a number of automotive commercials and the most recent one was for the Toyota Vios.

The fivesome-now foursome- has been in Vios commercials in the past, but in the latest video, the band appears as their new group. The new One Direction Toyota Vios commercial without Zayn is one of the first things besides concerts and a new photo that the band has done as a foursome, but this new commercial really solidifies the fact that the four boys are proceeding onward without any hesitation.

In the new One Direction commercial, you can see Niall driving (and in case you were wondering, no, Niall does NOT have his driver’s license), and one of the band’s most popular songs is in the background. The song that is playing in the new Toyota Vios commercial is called “No Control,” which is on the band’s new album, “FOUR.”

The Vios is not currently available in North America, but drivers in the Asia Pacific can drive this exciting Camry/Corolla-like vehicle. The equivalent for North American drivers would be the Toyota Yaris sedan.

The word Vios means “to move forward,” when taken from its original Latin meaning. Overall, even if you don’t like the band or aren’t a fan of endorsements, or Toyota in general, this is a fun, exciting vehicle that many drivers can enjoy around the world.

What do you think about the commercial?