RFID POUCHES– 60 Second Tech How Blog Post

In 2023, Toronto Police reported 12,181 Cars were stolen. That’s a lot of jerks stealing a lot of good people’s cars. Fast forward to today, and it seems like the trend isn’t going to slow down. Jerks are still stealing cars, and that means that YOU, the good guy or gal, need to find ways to foil their attempts to steal your ride.

Now there are many ways to foil a robber’s attempts, but some are frowned upon by the greater public, after all, electrifying your door handles like a modern-day Willie Coyote maybe funny to think about, but probably won’t go over well with the law. It’s probably best to leave such methods for Saturday mornings. But don’t lose hope yet! There are certainly ways to bring yourself some peace of mind.

Our best suggestion would be an RFID Pouch. RFID stands for Radio-Frequency Identification, this means that the pouch itself is designed to inhibit the ability of thieves to steal the radio frequency that stores identifiable information concerning your vehicle. The design allows users such as yourself, to place your key fob inside a pouch that is lined with material that will block the outward projected signal that your key emits on a given day. This way there is no signal to be stolen and repurposed to steal your car.

Ultimately, this means that while there will still be jerks, there may be less stolen cars, and even less Willie Coyotes.

For a visual representation of how to use the RFID Pouch, check out this 60 Second Clip below.