Coolant Replacement in Brampton, ON

Coolant replacement is one of the most vital services drivers need to keep on top of if they want their Toyota vehicle to not only perform its best, but maintain its longevity. Your vehicle’s coolant system needs to be regularly serviced by a professional technician to prevent issues such as overheating and engine block damage. Fortunately, the team here at Attrell Toyota in Brampton, ON can help.

Coolant Replacement Benefits

There are many benefits to going in for coolant replacement service for your Toyota vehicle. By flushing the old coolant and replacing it with fresh fluid, you’re clearing the vehicle’s coolant system of built-up rust, scale deposits, and other contaminants that can cause damage and wear over time. New coolant also lubricates the water pump, prevents corrosion, and prevents rust from forming inside the engine compartment.




When Should I Get a Coolant Replacement?

Every vehicle has a different recommended coolant replacement interval. On average, most drivers should go in for coolant replacement service every 50,000 kilometres, which translates to once every 3-5 years for the average driver. For more detailed information, drivers should consult the recommended maintenance schedule as outlined in their model’s owner’s manual.




What Happens If Drivers Don’t Replace Their Coolant?

Over time, old coolant loses many of the special properties that make it useful for the cooling system. In addition to losing its temperature-lowering properties, coolant becomes more acidic over time, reducing its ability to inhibit rust and corrosion. Old coolant is also more likely to contain loose contaminants, which can scratch away at your vehicle’s vital engine mechanisms over time, resulting in worse performance and potential engine damage.




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