Toyota Service #1, #2, and #3 in Brampton, ON

By following your Toyota model’s designated maintenance schedule as outlined in the vehicle’s owner’s manual, drivers can ensure their vehicle operates in peak condition for many miles to come. Curious about Toyota Service #1, #2, and #3? Attrell Toyota in Brampton, ON can help drivers learn more about what these services entail, and can even schedule an appointment for these and other popular services right here on our website. Continue reading to learn more!

What Is Toyota Service #1?

Toyota Service #1 is the first service maintenance check that your vehicle will undergo when following its maintenance schedule. This first service appointment is primarily an inspection, and will include a factory-trained Toyota vehicle technician:

  • Checking the engine and cabin air filters
  • Inspecting the wiper blades
  • Recording the tire tread depth
  • Visually inspecting the brakes
  • Rotating the tires




What Is Toyota Service #2?

The second appointment, Toyota Service #2, includes many of the same checks and inspections included in Service #1. The most notable difference is the engine oil inspection, which may include oil replacement and level adjustment. The drive belts are also inspected during this appointment, ensuring your engine is performing at an acceptable level.




What Is Toyota Service #3?

The third and final appointment, Toyota Service #3, addresses other parts and mechanisms not covered in the first two service appointments. The brake calipers and brake drums are removed and inspected in further detail, as well as the steering gear, linkage, and shock absorbers. The fuel system is inspected for leaks or damage, as well. Finally, the technician will perform 12-volt battery service as well as an electrical charging system evaluation, if needed.




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