7 Essential Summer Car Care Tips Keep Your Vehicle in Great Shape

Every season holds challenges for your vehicle, but the heat of summer puts particular stress on its mechanical parts. These easy tips will help keep your car in great hot-weather health.

While there’s no substitute for following a recommended service schedule, there’s plenty you can do for yourself to ensure your vehicle avoids summer dramas, breakdowns, and expensive preventable repairs. Here are seven of the most important steps to take.

Women inspecting Vehicle

1) Check Tires and Pressure

The heat of summer pushes up tire pressure, and not only does this affect safety by reducing grip, but it also increases the risk of disastrous blowouts. Check each tire’s pressure every week or two to keep it within the recommended range. And while you’re doing so, quickly inspect each tire for any early signs of wear and tear which can escalate quickly in hot conditions.

2) Check Oil and Filter

Oil is essential to the engine’s smooth running, keeping it lubricated and free of contaminants. It’s especially important that the oil system is working well in summer when the engine is already under increased heat stress. If you’ve not had an oil and filter change recently, now may be the time to arrange one to protect your engine as the mercury rises.

3) Check Belts and Hoses

The softer rubber and plastic parts under the hood expand and contract during summer temperature changes, and this can speed up any wear and tear that’s already building up. Pop open the hood every week or so and check that no visible belts or hoses are fraying or cracking. Replacing these parts is quick and inexpensive, especially compared to the damage that a full failure can involve.

4) Coolant and Radiator

While the hood is open, check that the coolant reservoir is filled to at least the minimum level and that there are no signs of leaks around the cap or connectors. Running out of coolant is one of the most common causes of summer breakdowns, but it’s easily avoided with regular level checks.

5) Check Wipers and Blades

A clear windshield is essential in summer when the sun’s glare can make dirty glass difficult to see through. Check that your wiper blades are thoroughly cleaning the surface, leaving no streaks or smears behind, and replace them if they’re not 100% up to the task.

6) Monitor the Air Conditioning

If your car’s air conditioning has any minor faults, they can quickly develop into failure when the unit is put under a high summer workload. Keep an eye on how quickly the vents start sending out cool air, how cold the air becomes, and whether there are any unusual noises that could signal a problem. Have any warning signs investigated as soon as possible to avoid a full AC breakdown.

7) Pack Water Supplies

Lastly, summer safety applies to you and your passengers as well as your car. If the worst happens and you’re stranded in the midday sun, you need to make sure you can stay safe and healthy until help arrives. Always keep a generous supply of drinking water in your trunk to keep you and your passengers hydrated in an emergency. Also, make sure your phone is fully charged before heading off on a long trip.

Ensure Your Vehicle’s Health with an Expert Service

Even if you take all these measures, a hot summer’s worth of driving can still take its toll on your vehicle. To ensure that your car has survived the summer in good shape for the winter rigours ahead, please book an appointment at Attrell Toyota.