Toyota Brake Service in Brampton

Healthy brakes are a vital component to the safety and operations of every vehicle. With routine care from our Toyota service center, we can keep them in top shape on your schedule. We operate out of a convenient location in Brampton with optimal hours to ensure that your day is disrupted only minimally.


Happy Customers:

“The excellent, attentive customer service and attention to detail is a tribute to this dealership and is the reason why I will keep coming back!” – Ben

“The level of satisfaction and the pleasant customer service experience here will never make you shop anywhere else.” – Daljit

Time For New Brakes:

We know that brakes are not a car part that you ever take for granted, but many drivers put off brake inspections for longer than they should. Your brakes are in constant use, and if you see any of these signs, bring your vehicle to our Toyota experts in Brampton:

  • A grinding sound coming from the brakes is a telltale sign that your brake pads are worn out. This greatly reduces the stopping power and effectiveness of your brakes in critical situations.
  • If you notice your brake pedal responding differently, that is a sure sign something is wrong. It may feel soft or spongy when you apply the brakes or it could be difficult to push down. Either of these situations may also include your vehicle pulling to one side when you brake because the calipers have worn down unevenly.
  • Vibrations through the pedal or steering wheel are signs that your brakes have heated up too much and are indicative of serious rotor problems.
  • A bad odor when you apply your brakes means something isn’t working properly or is about to fail. Overheated brake pads lead to unreliable braking patterns
  • Warning light. There’s a reason these things come on, and if they do, then don’t ignore them.

Brampton drivers have counted on Attrell Toyota’s superb service and unrivaled expertise for years. We have the technology, tools, and factory-trained technicians to get you back on the road with a car, truck, van, or SUV that drives like a dream.

Pay a visit to Attrell Toyota! We offer brake inspections on top of a number of other services.