When Will Toyota’s Amazing CH-R Crossover Reach Canada?

If you’ve ever wondered if the great crossover/SUV bubble is going to burst, you’ll be waiting for a while. At the annual IAA Frankfurt Motor Show, Toyota unveiled a futuristic crossover concept that will have you gasping for more. Once you see what it is capable of, you won’t just want the gum that makes the bubbles, you’ll want the whole factory. Let’s examine the details of a possible Toyota CH-R crossover release in the Canadian market.

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Why Do We Need the CH-R?

Toyota designed the CH-R for mass release at some not-too-far-off juncture, though the exact date has yet to be nailed down. Its next-level diamond-inspired design and bold articulation from the front grille to the roof to the rims make it look like a visitor from another, cooler planet.

We heard that Toyota created the prototype they showed at Frankfurt because it wants to strike a blow for non-conformity in a crossover market that seems to have a lot of similar designs and copycats among automakers.

What Does It Do?

Some features of the CH-R on display in Frankfurt:

  • An engine with thermal efficiency of over 40 percent.
  • Improved fuel economy with a small, lightweight hybrid (motor and battery) system.
  • Bold front grille made for cooling and safety.
  • Five doors.
  • Shiny black color scheme.

Doesn’t this sound awesome? We have only seen the early pictures of the CH-R, but it looks like a unique, amazing creature that we can’t wait to learn more about.

More Information

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