Is Toyota Entune available in Canada for 2015?

One of the best parts about getting a new car is to play with all of the new gadgets and features, but if you are buying a Toyota in Canada, you will have probably noticed by now that Entune is not an option. But why, you ask? Even this year, is Toyota Entune available in Canada for 2017?

Unfortunately, Toyota drivers in Canada will not be able to take part in any of the Toyota Entune upgrades or new features because Entune is not yet available here.

Crazy, right? Why wouldn’t we be able to get one of Toyota’s most prized, sophisticated, life-changing, innovative features? Unfortunately, we’ve heard it may have something to do with the Entune system not being compatible with cell phone carriers and reception in Canada, as this is a system that relies completely on a smartphone device and if that device can not be synced or is not compatible with Entune, it cannot perform all of the fun functions the infotainment system is meant for.

Even if you aren’t able to take advantage of all of Toyota Entune’s features for 2015, such as a streamlined, more responsive touch and voice recognition system, there are still a few things that Toyota vehicles offer as far as entertainment that could be considered high-tech.

For example, drivers can still take advantage of Toyota’s advanced audio system that comes with Driver EasySpeak and a touch-screen display.

Toyota EasySpeak is a pretty nifty feature to have, though, even if you don’t have Entune, because the system offers a hands-free microphone that is installed in the overhead console so passengers in the back of the vehicle can hear those in the front through the speaker system.

The center stack-mounted display, which is not to be confused with Toyota Entune itself, includes Bluetooth capabilities, an AM/FM/CD/MP3/WMA player, an auxiliary input jack, USB audio input, voice recognition and SiriusXM satellite radio.

While Toyota’s current infotainment system is great, it may see some changes in the near future that will make it more closely resemble Ford’s infotainment system, Ford SYNC. Not that there is anything wrong with Toyota’s current infotainment system, but Toyota is now going to collaborate with a Ford subsidiary company called Livio which will help implement SmartDeviceLink, technology that will be featured in future Toyota and Lexus infotainment systems.

SDL will continue to offer the same functionality and features Entune does, including entertainment, traffic information, parking apps and more to use in in-vehicle infotainment systems. SDL will also allow drivers to more easily utilize voice-recognition advancements and features, display screens and dashboard controls.

More and more, in-vehicle infotainment centers need to easily work with and adapt to smartphones and other similar technology because app designers are working hard to get them to work across a variety of platforms, including various in-vehicle infotainment systems.

As far as any other Toyota Entune changes for 2015, there won’t be many. The biggest thing you may notice is a different layout or available features here and there. Even with the SDL overhaul, though, drivers probably won’t notice a whole lot of changes within the system rather than layout and some other general, feature/system-specific changes, but the overall idea and goal of the system will remain the same: give drivers a plethora of information at their fingertips so they can be best prepared to drive in any situation.

The current Toyota Entune is easy to figure out and has an app for your smartphone, but the goal with the different system is to make it even EASIER to figure out and utilize.

Entune allows drivers to play music, place and answer phone calls and texts, provide traffic and fuel updates and so much more.

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