Toyota Touch Detailing

The Toyota Touch Gives You:

  • Pride of ownership: the better your vehicle looks, the better you look.
  • Protection for your investment: your vehicle gains longevity and durability – both inside and out.
  • Higher resale value: a vehicle that has been dealer maintained and dealer protected will automatically be worth more at the time of resale.

Bronze Package $37.95 Cars
Includes: Exterior & Interior $49.95 Trucks/Vans

  • Clean all painted surfaces and remove bugs
  • Exterior glass and mirrors
  • Front & rear bumpers & spoilers
  • Tires & rims/caps
  • Inner door seams/entrance
  • Trunk/hatch inner seam
  • Trunk/hatch drainage channel
  • Vacuum seats
  • Carpet
  • Floor mats
  • Ashtrays/console/glove box/cup holder
  • Clean instrument panel/interior glass accessory setting (seating/radio/CD)

Silver Package (Includes Bronze Package) $89.95 Cars
Includes: Exterior & Interior $109.95 Trucks/Vans

  • Wash wheels/inner fenders/under body
  • Machine polish painted exterior
  • Treat rubber & vinyl trim & tires
  • Lubricate locks & hinges treat interior vinyl trim
  • Vacuum trunk/deodorize
  • Shampoo floor mats stain removal

Gold Package (Includes Bronze and Silver Packages) $189.95 Cars
Includes: Exterior & Interior $229.95 Trucks/Vans

  • Degrease engine/lower body
  • Paint restoration (2-stage)
  • Removal of excess polish
  • Complete interior fabric shampoo
  • Fabric protector (windows vented)
  • Deodorize interior compartment