What Toyota Should I Use to Find Jerk Chicken or Poutine?

Poutine and Jerk Chicken Brampton ON

Poutine is a wonderful food, as fries, gravy and cheese curds transcend their unhealthy origins to become something truly delicious and sublime. Jerk chicken brings the taste – and the spice – to stomachs all over the region, also. But what happens when you have a craving for one of these delights and you hit a snag – most locations are either closed, or too far away? To be more precise, what Toyota will get you some poutine or jerk chicken in the Brampton, Ontario area with a minimum of fuss? Let us count the models.

Which Toyota Will Get Me There the Fastest?

While we don’t encourage street racing, “Fast and Furious”-style, to solve your poutine fix, some Toyotas are built with more get-up-and-go than others. These are some of the sportier models currently in the Toyota stable:

  • 2015 Avalon: 268 horsepower
  • 2016 Venza: 182 hp
  • 2016 Camry: 178 hp
  • 2015 RAV4: 176 hp

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Which Toyota Will Save Me the Most Money on Gas?

It’s helpful to get to the destination quickly, but you want to save money on gas that is better spent on the Caribbean-spiced chicken. These are some of the most fuel-efficient Toyotas, with their litres of gas consumed per 100 kilometers (combined city and highway km) driven:

  • Prius, 4.7L
  • Camry Hybrid, 5.7L
  • Corolla, 6.8L
  • Yaris, 7.1L
  • RAV4, 8.9L

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The Decision

The 2015 Avalon and the 2016 Venza definitely can accelerate quickly off the blocks to get you that jerk chicken, and the Prius has superior fuel efficiency, but for a nice combination of the two, the 2015 RAV4 is the winner. Plus, it has a towing capacity of 680 kg (1,500 pounds), which can hopefully hold all the items from your poutine run.

More Information

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